Proprietary, alpha quality remote gaming service

Created on 2015-04-29 by Tuxality, last modified on 2016-10-05

Streaming platform project for a University of Technology "Team project" course. It allows playing remote Windows games on other device (platform doesn't matter) with use of real-time streaming technology. Example is shown as video below.

Unreal Tournament

Server which is running native application is on the left and client which is receiving video and controlling remote application is on the right. After receiving stream, client captures his local events from input devices (mouse and keyboard) and sends feedback to the server in order to update input in native application basing on received client activity.

It's alpha quality software, just done quick for the preview in the form of reference/example implementation of designed service/platform for "Team project" course. Video quality is quite bad because it's using my proprietary video codec to allow realtime streaming in local network and it needs to be improved. Input lag is hardly noticeable which is REALLY nice thing, especially for alpha quality platform preview. There was also a plan to make this more user friendly, just like the OnLive platform.

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