Expendable EMBM Patch (non-Matrox)

Created on 2015-08-29 by Tuxality, last modified on 2020-02-16

This is a modded version of a Matrox patch which enables Environment-Mapped Bump Mapping (EMBM) on the water surface in Expendable. It has been modified in order to work on other, non-Matrox GPUs. Apply this patch directly on a clean installation from Retail CD. In case of GOG release, please make sure that dedicated version of this patch with GOG suffix is applied. If game crashes right before starting mission, add -nocputest to the argument list of go.exe (Retail) / go_start.exe (GOG) executable before launching game. Keep in mind that it is an alpha quality patch, it may crash on some systems when exiting the game.


Expendable EMBM non-Matrox Patch (Retail)
Expendable EMBM non-Matrox Patch (GOG release)

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