Intel Marathon 2700G Compatibility Wrapper

Created on 2015-02-12 by Tuxality, last modified on 2015-02-12

Intel Marathon 2700G Compatibility Wrapper is a wrapper which helps in running Common Profile games on the Common Lite implementation of OpenGL|ES. Most notably it is intended to run games from the newer NVIDIA GoForce 5500 with shading capabilities, found in XDA Flame, Sharp EM-ONE or I-Mate Ultimate 8150 and 6150 on the old GPU found in Dell Axim X50v/X51v or Gigabyte GSmart T600. This project includes simulating Common Profile environment as well as NVIDIA specific extensions to some extent. My goal is to make Traiblazer work properly and for now it runs with minor drawbacks as you can see on the recorded video. Also Siege Catapult is working but definitely visually unattractive... :)

Some videos with wrapper in action:


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